Podcast Interview with Sara from Knead to Run Massage

  • Recently I did a podcast interview with Sara Kotila from Knead to Run Massage in Exeter and Portsmouth, NH. (Click on the image to listen!) She wanted to get my thoughts on how someone would get into the sport of triathlon.

This interview was awesome for a few reasons. First, I'm obsessed with podcasts. I subscribe to tons of podcasts about a variety of subjects. Partly, this allows me to absorb information without having to sit down and read, which is a rare opportunity for me these days. So it helps feed that need! But also, there are so many podcasts about all the topics I'm interested in...sports, nutrition, family, habits, happiness, entrepreneurship, you name it.

Secondly, this interview allowed me to have a fun conversation about something I live, breathe, love. I work a lot on my own, so having a colleague to chat with was so much fun! Sara was a pro, so easy to talk to and she made me feel super comfortable.

But the biggest reason this was a great thing is that it reminded me why I got into the sport and why I got into coaching. I LOVE what I do. I do not take it lightly or forget often that I am SO lucky to be able to combine my passion and hobby with my work, that also allows me to be home with my two little ones a lot. I literally wake up every day excited to work. But sometimes, I get caught up in the "to do" of my work, balancing that with taking care of my kids, running them to and fro to school and daycare, getting in my own training, and spending time by myself, with my family...you know the drill. You're busy too! So sitting down with Sara, and then again listening to the podcast, made me stop and think about how I truly have the best life I could ask for. Not without challenges, but the best challenges.

And that, folks, is why doing this podcast made my day!

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To your health!